God is raising up medical students in Burundi to lead, serve, and bring healing to their own nation, and we feel invited to join in.

We can't do this on our own. We need God's strength which only comes through prayer. Please pray for us. We couldn't be doing this work without the support of many people just like you.

we need you

The banks

We gave our boys strong virtue names -- William Justice and Ezekiel Bravery -- because we hope to draw them into a life lived heroically for Christ.  While they search for lost treasure and shield Mommy from dragons, this cry for Justice and Bravery not only summons our boys, but now beckons our entire family. A small, forgotten country in East Africa has captured our hearts. 

We feel called to leave behind everything familiar and move to the war torn country of Burundi, to treat the sick and train the next generation of African doctors who will preach and heal, and lead their own communities in the name of Jesus.  An exciting adventure awaits our family!  Journey with us.

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  • the world's poorest country (UN 2013 GDP)
  • the hungriest nation (2014 Global Hunger Index)
  • the 3rd least developed nation (UN Human Development Index)
  • 3 physicians per 100,000 (compare 500 physicians per 100,000 in the Ozarks) 

War and genocide have affected Rwanda and Burundi for generations, and over ONE MILLION people have died as a result. Aid swept into Rwanda in the 90s and the fighting burned out quickly, but Burundi was forgotten and the unrest smoldered for more than a decade.

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